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Cinch Buckle (with continuous loop)

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Cinch Buckle with continuous amsteel loop.

Save money when bough together.

Super simple and lightweight (32g) suspension option.

Adjust your webbing/straps by the millimetre.

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CinchbBuckle and continuous loop made from Amsteel which we have already fitted together for you.


To connect this to your hammock, simply feed the Amsteel loop through the channel at the end of your hammock. Once it emerges from the other end simply pass the cinch buckle through the loop and pull tight. It’s a simple as that!


Easily adjust your webbing/straps with preicsion with the cinch buckle.


The way the buckle works is that it uses friction and your own body weight to hold you in place all night without the need for any additional knots.


To see how these buckles work check out our how to hang video HERE.


Compatible with 1 inch webbing.


The continuous loop is made from Amsteel which is made from Dyneema SK75 with Samthane Coating.

It has an 8-strand single braid construction and is size for size the same strength as wire rope, yet only 1/7 of the weight and is more flexible.

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Weight 32 g


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