How to Hang

So you’ve decided to give this hammocking malarkey a go…

Good on you, you won’t look back!

It’s important to note that becuase every person is a little bit different in size, weight and body shape that everyone will have a different “perfect” set-up. It’s all about personal preference and with a little higgery jiggery you should be able to find your lay in no time. To start you off, below we have a hepful little video of how to set-up one of our Rogue Rockers using our Super Simple Strap System.

Thanks for watching.

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For hammocking in general we always recommend trying to lie in the hammock on a diagonal. This will spread out the material in the hammock, giving you a lot more space to chill out or sleep in. This also helps to get you lying flat rather than in a banana shape which could potentially cause back problems.

Heres a picture demonstrating the diagonal lay.


Simply get into your hammock and then place your feet to one side and the rotate your torso so that your head ends up on the opposite side to your feet.